a collection of a few of my thoughts


discovered another…

…song i like, that is. this will be my last post on running from freedom. from now on, all my posts (including the archive) will be on findingcover.wordpress.com. i will start working on transferring soon.



to clarify, i think that statement might be a bit simplistic. there is definitely a lot of hate in the world and it’s very damaging. however, hate is so obviously evil that many at least struggle with it, while everyone gives in to fear sometimes. it is so strong, and can keep you from doing so much.

new name!

so you notice the title doesn’t match the domain anymore, it’s because i thought of a new name! i will switch it over soon. just glad i found a name that someone wasn’t hogging!! *ahem* rather annoying when you think of a great name, search for it, and find it in use by someone who never even posted one thing! grr. ah well. i did find one, so i will be alright now.

one day…

i just like the hope in this song.

still suck

i have been trying to be a better person, a good friend, for years.
i don’t think there’s much improvement. even when i try to get together with people or do something i think will help someone it usually doesn’t work, or i feel i put a bandaid on a gushing wound.
pretty sure i’m still way too much a loner most of the time.
i really want to be there for my friends, but i don’t seem to be yet. i’ll keep working on it i guess. all i can do.
feels like i’m spinning my wheels.

changes coming…

a heads up to all one of you reading this (no bitterness there, i swear), i am going to be changing the look and most importantly the name of the blog soon.
the name made sense to me at the time of creation, but it probably doesn’t to most, and it would be slightly difficult to explain.
not to mention it’s a helluva long title to type. so yeah.

alone in heaven

a thinking song that i’ve loved for a while…